we walk in a dark tunnel, looking for the light

the beast inside tries to trap us

it gets in our thoughts and uses it against us

we start to see the beast shadows on the wall

we start to push away what, used to make us happy

don’t get too close, cause it’s dark inside

with the beast inside, there’s nowhere to hide

we start wondering away from the end of the tunnel

we start to reach our breaking point

we try to walk this battle on our own

cause we think it’s our own battlefield to fight

we left our armour on the other side

we start to see blood, from the beast we are killing

we swallow our pride and let our truest friends in

and they guide us to the light

we start to see things clearer than we did before

we have this hope, that everything will turn out fine

we start to see the light, through our tears

we look upon the sky and see a rainbow after all the rain that has poured

we know everything is going to be okay, after our darkest hour

and we’ll wake up in the morning knowing we’ll alright

we start to see the scars that the beast left behind

but it left us stronger then we were before

our life can be shaken but we can stand ground like an anchor

cause we know the sun will shine and guide us through the trails of life

without dark periods we will never be thankful for the good times

we let the light shine on us

and we start seeing our shadows, shine through the dark tunnel


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