Wishing you were still here 

I wrote this over a year ago, and I thought now I’m ready to share it to the world. My grandma passed away in December 2015. 

The one thing in life that no one taught me was how much it would hurt when a love one passes away 

Grams I wish you were still here, but I do know your in a better place

It feels like I’m walking in fog

And I can’t see what’s surrounding me

I’m just walking in the unknown 

So I’m taking a step at a time in this fog

And seeing where my feet wonder

My heart still aches

I know give myself time is what people say

I wish you were still near by 

I wish we could make more memories together 

I still remember one of our conversations in the hospital, “my pillow is too high I think I swallowed it” I still remember the good times we had together 

I miss taking care of you while you were sick, I know some days you might of thought differently. Some days I was super duper tired and all I wanted was to relax. 

I’ll admit coming home or waking up in the morning I was afraid you might’ve not made it

I know we made our amends 

I miss texting you, telling you I’m safe

Or if you needed something from town

Some days are easier then others

Some days I have to remind myself your not here, so I’ll write you a letter instead, so it’ll feel like I’m having a conversation with you

Somedays words can’t comprehend on what I’m feeling inside

I’m just taking it a step at a time 

and wait until this storm disappears 

I’m taking one step at a time 

To get though this pain

This heartache keeps lingering on

There’s a black cloud over my head

I still can’t see a way out 

I feel trap and there’s no way to escape from it

A grieving heart is broken into two

Part of you is still with me

I wish I could hug you one last time

This girl can’t think of anything else to say

Wait one last thing, I miss you grams


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