A girl with a past

I wrote the first line along time ago, it came to me but nothing to go with it. It sat in my notes and one day I decided to go through my notes and the words came to me.

A girl has tattoos to cover up her scars

That someone left their mark on her body

They are invisible marks that he left

He came during the night and stole like a thief, he didn’t have a partner in crime he didn’t need to, he saw an opportunity, someone valuable and scared

He left feeling satisfied, and left her feeling powerless, he didn’t cared that her life has changed, she’s a victim

She thinks it’s her fault, the enemy is creating lies in her head

All she wants to do is have a normal life not being scared if the attacker is coming back

She believes in monsters hiding under her bed, she double checks making sure it’s safe, her mind still wonders

She gets flashbacks of the attack

She thinks if she said no loud enough he might of stopped, but it wouldn’t help

He seemed nice, but everyone has a secret to hide, everyone has demons living inside, it’s just up to you to act on them or not, she’s afraid to look in the mirror she sees her flaws, she still sees him looking back at her, she doesn’t see a fighter, she doesn’t see a warrior, but one day she will

She will look in the mirror and see a fighter

She never give up on the fight

She took the first step telling the police

Even though she was afraid, she was afraid of being judged, but his mistake

She took the next step telling someone she closed too, she was still afraid, afraid of being judged, afraid what they will think of her, she was terrified, she was letting fear get to her

She took the next step seeking help, even though she was afraid

She wanted to try and forget that it had happened but her thoughts didn’t let her

He was in her flashbacks, in her dreams

She has dreams where the people that are close to her, they are judging her, they turn against her, but it’s not her fault,

She keeps holding onto his burned when she doesn’t have to, she lets her fear rules her, she hasn’t seen how much she has overcome, she’s brave and one day though’s brave wings will fly

She wants to feel in control of her life again, she’s learning to let people in her life, instead of pushing them away

Even though she’s afraid, she’s still making progress, she doesn’t want this one thing define her

It’s just one thing to add to her story

That she never gave up, she kept fighting

She’s walking in open waters, but the lord is right beside her, loving her in her mess

Hugging her when the waves gets too much, the enemy can try and steal her joy, but somedays she can be dancing in the rain, her problems blew away like, ashes in the wind, she still faces them, but she has people in her life to lean on to, when things gets tough, she walks in a dark tunnel, but is starting to see the shadows, starting to see things in a differently then before, she might not be okay, but one day she will be, one day she will be able to help others going through the same thing she did, she keeps reminding herself everyday it’s not her fault, she didn’t asked for it, consensual is key and in her case she said no, the guy stole her pride, she keeps reminding herself that she is loved, and that she’s not alone in this

Sometimes you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time and what happens is nobody’s fault we have this hope, that everything will turn out fine

we start to see the light, through our tears

we look upon the sky and see a rainbow after all the rain that has poured

we know everything is going to be okay, after our darkest hour

and we’ll wake up in the morning knowing we’ll alright

we start to see the scars that the beast left behind

but it left us stronger then we were before

our life can be shaken but we can stand ground like an anchor

cause we know the sun will shine and guide us through the trails of life

without dark periods we will never be thankful for the good times

we let the light shine on us

and we start seeing our shadows, shine through the dark tunnel


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