I can still feel your hands imprinting on my bodyI can still smell your strong body spray everywhere I go

I still get triggered during certain scenes on tv

I can hear your voice saying I enjoyed it 

You like my body, while I saw imperfections 

You didn’t care what no meant

My no’s meant nothing to you

They were just a laugh to my face 

You let your friends to use me as your puppet for your puppet show 

It was your amusement 

I was unconscious and you didn’t care

You wanted power over my body 

I’m left to feel like I’m a prisoner and you are free

Are you even guilty at all

You stole my sleep and left me with nightmares

You stole my memory and left me forgetting things 

You left me the trauma and the aftermath 

I’m left with anxiety 

Feeling dirty and unclean

I’m left to put my life back together 

I’m left to explain to people what happened 

I still feel your hands touching my body

I feel them on my back 

I’m trying to forget about you but it’s not working 

I’m tired wait I mean I’m exhausted 

I’m trying to get my life back together 

That you caused me


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